EPISODE #3 (featuring Vermin Supreme interview!)


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Answer this episode’s poll question, and have your responses read on #4:

“What’s your favorite thing about taking the stupid fucking government’s welfare and foodstamp money?”

Comment here, on the Facebook, or email your responses for them to potentially be included in the next episode!

Also, get in touch for info on how to contribute for Episode 4, likely premiering mid-next month.

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Presidential Pejoratives

Yes, it’s really Obama saying that shit.

Nothing Matters News

Old Woman Locks Cop In Basement


Doctor Spits Blood In Cop’s Face

Judge Caught Using Penis Pump During Court



IRL Trolling NATO Summit Protest



(Towards the end of this video, he turns Randal Terry gay. Wish he shot him… but it’ll do.)

Wahnarchist Poet

For more weird shit from this kat, look here.

(unedited version of poem)


(for the folks responsible for the noise destruction at the end of the EBT song on this episode, check out Maryland Mansion Records.)

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7 Responses to EPISODE #3 (featuring Vermin Supreme interview!)

  1. stimulator says:

    Great fuckin show! More please? Anyway to podcast it, or email list when new shit comes out?

    love and rage


    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      Thanks a shit ton! More will happen. Episodes are monthly so far.

      I’m not sure about “podcasting” it or how to… any insight on what you mean would rock. There’s a facebook that updates, but an email list is a great idea. I’ll work that shit out soon. The show is hooked to the anarchistnews.org network, so annoouncements pop up there, too…

      … and of course, we love submedia. Even paid it brief homage/mention at the end of episode #1. Haha. Thanks for doin that shit, and doin it and doin and doin it well.

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      … mind if we link to your shit from here? I mean, you don’t HAVE to return the favor or anything… but ya know… Haha.

  2. sloppy joe, the sex act not the food says:

    question for sunshine: why is it that anarchists in the united states just parrot bullshit intellectual jargon from Europe instead of developing theories and plans of action that are actually relevant to the area they live?

  3. Bitter fruit says:

    Re food stamps:
    At least we are getting back a tiny sliver of what those fuckers stole from us, our families, and our ancestors over the last few hundred years!!!!

    Using it to throw fundraising parties for anarchist prisoners is why EVERYONE should get an EBT!

  4. Bitter fruit says:

    PS motherfuckers just like us died fighting for shit like that and against shit like debtors prisons, so in order to honor their sacrifice, we must all rack up as much debt as we can get our dirty poor ass hands on, and get EBT cards too, or we are basically shitting on their graves!

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