*After* finishing this episode, it started to become apparent that there is an accidental & embarrassingly Freudian prominence of mommy-issues enough to where we could have pretended it was more than an incidental theme… this was realized early on, but it wasn’t going to be mentioned until the realization that it was also being unintentionally released THE DAY AFTER MOTHER’S DAY. Embracing this fully as potentially more than coincidence means that, like all pathetic anarchists, we could hyper-analyze various implications and attribute superficial socio-political connotations to adopt in to a more encompassing radical critique. That won’t happen here… but IF IT DID, it would take a direction toward pointing out that perhaps radical discourse could make use of broadening debates on “identity politics” by exploring how “transcending” the identity of “motherhood” itself (and similar identities talked about less often) could apply to radicalism. We’ll go first: “Mother” as we know it is a socially constructed and imposed identity, and that fact should be questioned and critiqued! Inconsiderate is, for the sake of exploratory discourse, a POST-MOTHER audio show. That is the post-reason this episode was released the day after Mother’s Day… FOR POST-MOTHER’S DAY, a day for everyone, not just mothers!



This episode of Inconsiderate is asking for feedback on a question posed in the SNAIL PARTY band interview:

What do you hate most about anarchists/radicals/punks these days?

Comment here, on the Facebook, or email your responses for them to potentially be included in the next episode!

Also, get in touch for info on how to contribute for Episode 3, likely premiering mid-next month.

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Drunken Bohemian Rhapsody Arrestee

Nothing Matters News

Cop Suicide:




Man dresses up like dead mom to collect welfare checks:

What a mamma's boy!!


92 Year Old Woman Shoots at excop for kiss:

(be sure to check out the comments section… not to be missed. someone who knows the woman chimes in, too.)


I just want your extra time and your... death!

Inconsiderate Advice for Inconsiderate People


Dr. Sunshine’s KILLDOZER MIXTAPE as mentioned promised in the segment:

1)Junior Kimbrough- Sad Days Lonely Nights (What I will listen to while dancing and getting ready for the best drive of my life, and hopefully during one of the most steamy goodbye kisses I’ll have had)
2)Scorpions-Rock you like a hurricane (Play while putting lipstick on and first hitting the gas peddle to start the spiral of destruction)
3)Siege-Conform (cause, fuck you)
5)Ludacris-Move Bitch (get out the way) (DUH)
6)Gaia-Riot of ’14 (to play when smashing the police station)
7)MIA-Paper Planes (if you don’t get this, kill yourself)
8)My Chemical Romance- Na Na Na (During this I will stick my tongue out to every punk who thinks this isn’t punk, because everything you do/listen
to in a killdozer is punk)
9)Luminaire-Waltz Musette (always wanted to watch at least one building fall to this)
10)Sleater Kinney – What’s Mine Is Yours (One of my favorite songs to have excited sex to, so it’s appropriate)
11)Disrupt – A Life’s A Life (To play while driving through whatever pet store headquarters building happens to be in that city)
12)ChocQuibTown-De Donde Vengo Yo (for my cigar and whisky, desert drive)
13)L’hymne à l’amou-Edith Piaf (the song I will play when pouring gasoline on myself)
14)Nina Simone-Feeling Good (The song I will explode to, I am very down to die to this song)

Field Report: Mayday Morons

Live, from Scottsdale May Day


The Capitalist guy:

Officer Cortez:

The “native american” “commitalist” guy:

The anarcho-cutie-pie:

Snail Party:


Their tour bus tipped:

Resistance to Cool

Squee rants (aka “makes excuses for”) his (allegedly) philosophical aversion to “Cool.” What a nerrrrrrrddddddd.



This is a true story by Alex fromAlbuquerque-based folk band, Arroyo Deathmatch. His mother takes initiative to fend off a stalker after experiencing first hand the ineffectiveness and indifference of the police, and passes down the lessons of taking care of shit yourself to her children.


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8 Responses to EPISODE # 2!

  1. Connor O'Shaughnessy says:

    What do you hate most about anarchists/radicals/punks these days?
    I’d have to say that the generally elitist attitude that most of these activist types walk around with is what I hate the most. It’s almost as if all these fucking kids got together and had a secret meeting about what is and isn’t cool to wear, say, and do. And if you stray outside of that arbitrary fucking set of rules, you’re somehow more complicit in the worlds problems than they are. Give me a fucking break.

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      We’re trying to give you a break… no guarantees it’ll work! They (you know… “THEM”) are quite numerous and strong!


      (my bad for the dramatic enthusiasm, I was just listening to fantasy metal)

  2. Nar Bar says:

    i have this and Longmont Potion Castle on continuous play at my house. i am consuming it passively and loving it.


  3. ok then says:

    what i hate most about “those” people:
    they’d rather tear down what other anarchists are doing than build up their own shit.

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      Follow ups, if you don’t mind:

      (1) An example (or two) of anarchists effectively tearing down something anarchists are doing?

      (2) Sentiments that convey considerable knowledge of the aforementioned “lack of their own building” from the “tear-down”-anarchists suggested in your examples.


      • ok then says:

        two words:
        Identity Politics.

        that’s all i can say, and probably all that needs to be said, amiright?

        • inconsiderateaudio says:

          hahaha pretty much, was hoping for some specifics! the dirt! the real shit! but yeah, get ya.

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