The deadline for contributions to episode #2 of Inconsiderate is Monday, May 7th.

send audio/questions/whatever:,

2nd Episode will premiere May 14th.

Garbage to sift through on the upcoming episode includes:

– answers to the poll question, “do mamma snitches get mamma stitches?”
– Nothing Matters News (fraud, crossdressing like deadmom, bullets&kisses, & more!)
– drunken Bohemian Rhapsody sung in back of cop car
– interview with rude Canadian folkpunks (I know, sorry) SNAIL PARTY
– Field Report: MAYDAYMORONS- crazy Scottsdale, AZ MayDay fuckers blabbering
– a new poll question

… and a few more things have been promised, but you know, people flake, so we’ll see. ┬áIn the mean time, listen to this, and then record your subsequent suicide and send it in to us.

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