For our first episode, Inconsiderate is asking for feedback on a question posed in NOTHING MATTERS NEWS:

Do mamma-snitches get mamma-stitches? If your own mom snitched on you, would you beat her ass?

Comment here, on the Facebook, or email your responses for them to potentially be included in the next episode!

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  1. Art, culture, history, politics, philosophy, science, martial arts, hip-hop, and humor for those who seek a greater understanding of the world around us and how to make it a better place for all! Official unofficial podcast of Occupy/Decolonize Seattle!

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      God dammit, wake up and ditch “Occupy!”

      Actually, next Inconsiderate episode is featuring clips from a debate/convo by OccupySeattle goofballs on the topic of “violent vs. nonviolent tactics.”

      All power to no one thing in particular, especially not the positive. In fact, I think it’s really pessimistic to think there’s no negativity that should have some power.



    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      Also, feel free to “positively” answer the question of whether mamma-snitches get mamma-stitches as asked in the episode.

  2. Jack says:

    Do mamma-snitches get mamma-stitches? That’s a call only baby-stitches can make.
    Probably best to question why snitches, motherly or otherwise, are required a beat-down in the first place; Is it to discourage future snitching, to “teach them a lesson”, or for simple revenge style gratification? And is that the seemingly most effective way to accomplish your goals (as appose to passive-aggressively shunning them, using your words, or burning down their house with them still inside of it, for example)? I think it’s pretty clear that this would vary from person to person, and situation to situation.

    Course if it was MY mama; that bytch is going DOWN……

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      “I think it’s pretty clear that this would vary from person to person, and situation to situation.”

      That’s why we asked, to get the variances! Duuhhhhhh!

      Thanks for the response, keep on fightin’ the momsnitch fight!

  3. NA says:

    i think this was pretty fucking good for a bunch of wanna be occupy kids with bad attitudes and snitches for moms.

    i suggest doing a video version, and buying some of those rad masks first so that it looks like it’s brian williams from NBC news doing it.
    or bill o’reilly.

    oh, and mama snitches are still mamas. i’d never give my mama stitches, but then again my mama would never be tricked by a silly mask into turning me in.

    hey did you know that if thousands of people had those masks there could exist a huge conspiracy where lizard aliens dressed up like humans to manipulate, control, and probe our anuses? for more see “they live.” there are so many possibilities! what if the entire black-on-black crime epidemic was actually mask-wearing KKK members trying to discredit black people while getting to kill them at the same time? what if your snitch mama was actually your daddy wearing a mask so that you’d kill your snitch mama?

    • inconsiderateaudio says:


      Check your language. We do *not* tolerate use of the “#O” word around here. This is a Dangerous Space, and you’re making people comfortable. You have to leave.

      As for video version, we don’t wanna step on Submedia’s toes because our videos would be way better than his. Also, we did at least rip off Bill Oreilly with the “Caution: You’re about to enter the No Future Zone.” So yeah.

      In regards to yo mamma, you say she wouldn’t snitch on YOU, but she’s always lookin to say my name every chance she gets, so can’t trust it.

      I’m diggin your conspiracy theory. And by conspiracy theory I mean observation of completely sensible facts.

      Send in recordings of your bonkers ass shit if you wanna have suckers hear it on the show.

      • NA says:

        i caught that tizight o’reilly zone factor omajizz.

        can i be the glenn beck to your bill o’reilly?

        • inconsiderateaudio says:

          You can try… send something in and see how it goes.

          It’s more likely going to end up with you being like the person Bill called and harassed with erotic suggestions about loofas and falafels.

          So… ya know… awesome.

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  5. NA says:


  6. hpwombat says:

    Synopsis: Good show. Very funny. Suggestion: Reduce length of show to 20 minutes with same number of segments, but make jokes run on far less to increase quality and “tuned in” listening.

    Commentary: You may really like hearing yourself and your buddies for 7 minute segments, but I get the joke and the humor in 30 seconds to 3 minutes and start tuning out and doing web searches shortly after I get the joke.

    The evolution of sketch comedy on television peaked in quality with the Dave Chappelle Show and when compared to Monty Python, it is easy to see how Dave Chappelle still takes advantage of plot twists, shock value and sets up good hooks, but in less time.

    If doing a reading, choose excerpts and then post the full length (or a link to the full length) reading (written or audio) separately can benefit by helping the flow of the show while offering the curious the ability to check out the full reading and also encourage use of your site more, potentially increasing interest as well.

    Hope to hear more from this show. Good luck, it is a great show.

    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      Definitely agree with most said here. I was confident that the few things being compiled would result in 30 minutes max, but shit kept getting longer. It’s not as easy to quicken things like sketch comedy with no video for extra illustration, but comparative brevity for future episodes is definitely a goal, and achievable.

      I thought maybe my standard was skewed in thinking that segments and this episode were too long because Zerzan’s damn “read off of papers” show is a god damn HOUR LONG of his muppet voice, and his listener base is sometimes large enough to overload the server he broadcasts from.

      Also, it has yet to be determined how frequently an episode will be produced. 40 minute ones make more sense if it’s gunna be once a month or close to that, and that might be the case. Right now, I’m shooting for “completion at my leisure and dependent on amount/quality of contributions.” So, with the “whenever” schedule, I can experiment.

      Oh, and the full version of the reading excerpt is totally linked in the accompanying text supplement. Maybe if you had a better attention span for the awesome show you wouldn’t have overlooked that!


    • inconsiderateaudio says:

      Oh, but if you think you can get away with all that commentin’ and not answer the “mammasnitches/mammasnitches” question asked in the show and the text, you’re dead wrong!

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